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Self Help Plan

A Self Help Plan is the easiest and most straightforward solution to reduce monthly debt. It means taking charge of your finances and working out your income against your debt to create a realistic repayment model that works best for you. It also involves contacting your Creditors directly. A Self Help Plan is ideal for people with smaller debts and a regular income.

How does a self help plan work

A Self Help Plan can only work if you are realistic and self-disciplined about your income and repayments. You can enter a Self Help Plan by making a schedule of total debt and determining a realistic payment structure. This requires a high level of discipline when it comes to making payments and spending within a budget. You will need to put forward a proposal for repayment to your Creditors and work within the terms set out by this agreement.

Why would you want a self help plan?

A Self Help Plan may be the ideal debt solution if:

  • You have a relatively small amount of debt
  • You want to take control of your finances
  • You feel confident you can negotiate with your Creditors

Call 0141 227 7730 for the best advice on how to establish a Self Help Plan.

Advantages of a Self Help Plan

  • It is a completely free debt solution
  • You have control over your repayments
  • You will become debt free

Disdvantages of a Self Help Plan

  • You must be self-disciplined
  • Creditors can reject your Self Help Plan
  • No security against missed repayments

Find out if you qualify for debt relief

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